Duracell Uses Bike Power To Light Up New Year

  • November 19, 2009
P&G's Duracell unit held an event in New York's Times Square this week to presage what it will do on New Year's Eve: use humans to power the giant "2010" sign.

Duracell unveiled the "power rovers" and its Duracell Smart Power Lab located at the square's Charmin Restrooms. Starting Monday, people can peddle the bikes to store power in Duracell batteries, which will be used on New Year's to light the 2010 sign.

At this week's event, actors Rachel Dratch, Larenz Tate and Mark Indelicato and Broadway cast members Constantine Maroulis and Kerry Butler from "Rock of Ages" burned calories and stored kilowatts using the bikes.--Karl Greenberg

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