Eukanuba, Petco Partner With 'Cat Fancy'

  • December 3, 2009
Eukanuba brand cat food and Petco specialty retailer are joining with Cat Fancy magazine and for the Eukanuba Cat College.

The program kicks off in the January 2010 issue of Cat Fancy with a quiz to determine how knowledgeable readers are about their feline friends. Quizzes will also appear in the February and March issues. Readers can then go online to enroll in Cat College.

The Cat College curriculum includes courses on feline nutrition, biology, zoology, genetics, psychology, language, sociology, art history and physical education. Each course includes a video lecture from a cat expert, as well as reading material to prepare students for the final exam that they are required to take before receiving their "Cat Applied Technology" (C.A.T.) degree.

The program's valedictorian will win a year's worth of Eukanuba cat food provided by Petco and delivered by Petco's Bottomless Bowl program, a subscription service that allows pet parents to have pet food and supplies delivered automatically right to their door.--Tanya Irwin



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