Study: Email Spending To Rise In 2010

Email marketers say the recession continues, but nearly 90% will invest as much or more in the platform in 2010 than they did this year. A survey from email marketing firm Silverpop shows that 41% are planning to boost spending and an additional 47% are looking at making no cuts.

With so many of those surveyed believing the recession lingers -- and 75% saying it has hurt their business -- the survey indicates, nevertheless, the staunch belief that the tactic is cost-effective and solid on the ROI front.

The online survey of 300 marketers took place in November.

Other findings: 52% said increasing customer loyalty, not necessarily acquiring new customers, is a focus in 2010. About 30% said behavioral targeting and promotional offers were effective for them in 2009.

A major challenge: fighting through "inbox clutter," where research has shown customers might receive 9,000 messages a year by 2014.

Email marketers are increasingly looking to synch traditional messaging with other media -- cross-channel marketing -- and 84% said campaigns will have a social media element, with 38% employing SMS.

Bill Nussey, CEO of Atlanta-based Silverpop, stated that "as customers become more mobile, their marketing must reach them in more timely ways and through channels such as SMS."

Still, many marketers have been reticent to move full speed ahead in the text-messaging space, believing that people consider their mobile devices to be for private use.



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