Canoe Taps WPP's Broussard To Lead Research, Analytics

In a sign that Canoe Ventures has legs and is looking toward future products including enhanced TV measurement, targeting and analytics systems, the cable industry venture has tapped Gerard Broussard as vice president-research and analytics. Broussard, who reports to Canoe COO Kathy Timko, is a long-time Madison Avenue media researcher known for his expertise in interactive TV measurement.

Prior to joining Canoe, Broussard was managing partner at WPP's MediaLab, and before that, served as senior partner-director of media analytics at WPP's mOne/MindShare.

At Canoe, Broussard will be responsible for developing research, data and analytics, and will manage advanced advertising campaign reporting and analytics for Canoe's partners and customers, as well as campaign optimization tools and research studies.

While explicit research products are expected to be a longer term play for Canoe, research and analytics are considered key elements of the first wave of enhanced and interactive TV services Canoe will be launching, and ultimately for its addressable TV advertising infrastructure, as well.

The appointment comes amid continuing industry criticism about its fits and false starts, and speculation that the cable industry isn't serious about it being a long-term player. But Canoe insiders counter those claims, noting that it has been aggressively hiring an organization to build the infrastructure necessary to deploy its enhanced TV advertising products, and is, in fact, preparing to launch a new interactive TV advertising system.

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  1. Mike Einstein from the Brothers Einstein, April 19, 2010 at 9:32 a.m.

    I thought Canoe was an aftershave lotion.

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