Cinema Hypes Brands

According to the findings from the  "NewMediaMetrics 360 Cross Platform Study" by the Cinema Advertising Council (CAC),  linking Emotional Attachment of consumers to brands in key categories to media across multiple media types and properties, movies beat other media in terms of favorable attachment. 

Michael Chico, President and Chairman of the CAC, concludes that "The emotional attachment that consumers have to the cinema environment... emphasizes the value that marketers achieve by associating their brands with the movies" 

Highlights from the study include:

  • 44.5% of Health & Beauty consumers (i.e., consumers surveyed who used products from this category within six months of the study) are emotionally attached to the movies, compared with 29.6% for television, 21.2% for radio and 20.6% for magazines
  • 43.9% of Consumer Packaged Goods & Foods category consumers are emotionally attached to the movies, compared with 28.9% for television, 20.5% for radio and19.2% for magazines
  • 43.3% of QSR/Casual Family Dining category consumers are emotionally attached to the movies, compared with 28.4% for television, 20.1% for radio and 18.8% for the Internet
  • The study also found that movies have a higher emotional attachment rating, at 41.5%, than watching major televised sports and entertainment events, including the Super Bowl (emotional attachment rating of 39.7%, Summer Olympics (26.3%), World Series (22.8%), Oscars (16.1%) and GRAMMYs (15.1%). 

Gary Reisman, principal of NewMediaMetrics Inc., says "Consumers are highly attached to the movies and they went to the cinema in record numbers in 2009... The study shows that movies are a powerful part of the media mix and an excellent way for brands in key categories to connect with customers."

The study had a base of over 3,000 persons 13-54 who ranked their EA to brands and media on an 11-point scale (where 9 or 10 = "Emotionally Attached"). Media measured included television, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, radio, cinema and non-cinema out-of-home (OOH) media (including health clubs, doctors offices, billboards, bus shelters, sports arenas).

Please visit the Cinema Ad Council here for additional information, or here for the report in a PDF file.

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