Measurement A Must To Improve Performance

According to the results of the 2010 Omniture Online Analytics Benchmark Survey about marketers' use of emerging channels such as mobile, social media and video, 55% of respondents cannot effectively measure marketing ROI, and only 14% of respondents utilize video, mobile and social media in their marketing mix.

Matt Langie, director of product marketing, Omniture Business Unit, observes that "...a significant opportunity exists for marketers to implement measurement and optimization strategies for mobile, social media and video... sound strategies for these emerging channels can be a significant competitive advantage to drive revenue growth."

Highlights from the survey include the following:



  • 80% believe ROI from online marketing activities is important to measure, but only 31% of marketers can effectively measure it




  • 86% of respondents think conversion rate from online marketing activities is important to measure, but 25% cannot effectively measure it


Social Media  


  • 69.1% of respondents are using social media in their marketing efforts
  • 41% of those using social media lack a mechanism to measure social media conversion




  • 77.3% of respondents, are not currently using mobile in their marketing efforts
  • Of the 22.7% that are using mobile, 73% can measure if website visitors are coming from a mobile device, but only 30% are able to measure their mobile app conversions




  • 42.9% of all respondents are using online video in their overall marketing efforts
  • Of those using online video, 59% feel that post-video conversion is one of the most important video metrics, yet 70% are unable to measure post-video conversion
  • 40% of respondents who are using online video lack a mechanism to measure video starts


To read more about the study, please visit Omniture here.

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  1. Joy Joseph from Metriscient, May 26, 2010 at 8:19 p.m.

    Neccessity is the monther of invention- increasing investment in emerging channels is an irreversible trend. In the new age of greater Corporate accountability, marketing ROI measurement is a non-optional process. The two together set the stage for innovative analytics and standardization of best practices in ROI measurement within emerging channels.

    We will see these numbers change dramatically in the not too distant future.

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