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'World's Best' Cat Litter Expands Campaign

Cat litter

World's Best Cat Litter is expanding its "Buy The Best. Or Smell The Rest" direct response TV campaign to include print and online ads.

Consumers have been downloading free trial coupons for the all-natural, whole-kernel corn cat litter in record numbers, says Paul Zobel, director of sales and marketing for World's Best Cat Litter, produced by Muscatine, Iowa-based GPC Pet Products.

"We aim to reach cat owners using a combination of media including direct response TV, online banner ads, and magazine and newspaper advertising," Zobel says. "We were thrilled to see the TV viewers' responsiveness and, due to its success, decided to expand this rebate offer via other media through September."

With the mail-in rebate, people obtain a free bag of the cat litter. Viewers can participate in the program at



A TV spot will run on Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic and the Weather Channel, directing viewers to go online to download the mail-in rebate. The corresponding print ads will run in lifestyle publications including People, Reader's Digest, Us Weekly and Martha Stewart Living.

Free-standing inserts will run in more than 400 newspapers nationwide. Online banner ads will run via lifestyle, pet and women's sites to provide links to the mail-in rebate offer.

World's Best Cat Litter bills itself as the only "all-natural" litter with a patented formula that harnesses the microporous power of all-natural, whole-kernel corn to provide unsurpassed odor control, compact clumping on contact (easy clean up), long-lasting use (two to three times longer than other clumping litters, using less litter and saving money) and a safer solution for pets, people and the planet.

Unlike most cat litters that are mined from clay or artificially produced, it is available in pet specialty stores (PetSmart and PETCO), independent pet stores and select grocery stores.

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