Golfsmith, Nike Team For Social Media Event


Golfsmith is partnering with Nike Golf for a special Nike National Golf Day event, completely powered by social media.

"We've really ramped up our social marketing efforts, and like all retailers, we're trying to figure it out," Matt Corey, SVP/ marketing and business development for the Austin, Tex.-based specialty retailer, tells Marketing Daily. "This effort with Nike was one where we wanted to do something really unique, and we really hadn't leveraged our Facebook fans, to do something specific just for them."

The all-day June 26 event is open to everyone and includes the opportunity to demo Nike clubs and equipment, the chance to win a trip to the Oven, and Nike signing bonus discounts. But from 4:30 to 6 p.m., the event will offer exclusives to its Facebook fans, including a free sleeve of Nike golf balls for the first 24 guests, a 30% trade-in bonus when you buy new Nike Golf clubs, and a "Guess Your Drive" contest: Each local winner gets a $25 Golfsmith cash card and a chance to win a Nike driver.



Part of the social media inspiration, Corey says, comes from Nike itself. "From the manufacturing side, it really is leading the way in the digital world, so this seemed a great opportunity." He says the company will closely monitor the traffic, sales and conversions generated by the event, "but we anticipate it will go well, and going forward, we'll expand our presence in event marketing, tied to what we do socially. We are doing everything we can to leverage Facebook and Twitter, and to invite people to become part of our family."

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