AutoTrader Classics Hits TV To Tout Print Pubs

AutoTrader Classics magazines

AutoTrader Classics, an online and print division of Cox-owned AutoTrader, and a classified market for car collectors and classic car enthusiasts, is launching a new campaign promoting its print pubs that includes its first TV ad.

The effort, breaking on Aug. 30, runs in 17 markets and touts Classics publications Classic Cars & Parts; Kustoms and Hot Rods; Mustang & Ford; Corvette & Chevy; Deals on Wheels; and Truck, Race and Repairable Marketplace.

The "Fuel Your Passion" campaign centers on a 30-second broadcast spot that directs consumers to places like convenience stores and Barnes & Noble and 7-Eleven and other stores that carry the magazines. The commercial shows an array of famous classic cars that were used in several major motion pictures.



The spots will run on ESPN, ESPN2, Spike and FX from the end of August through mid-October. The company chose those outlets that attract viewers who tend to be gearheads and classic car buffs, and therefore are likely to shop around for old and iconic cars.

To support, AutoTrader is launching a sweepstakes called "Power Up Your Classic $500 Sweepstakes."

Rob Huting, general manager of AutoTrader Classics, says the company started print 25 years ago and has been online for last seven or eight years. "What we are trying to do is see if TV can drive people to the bookstore or convenience store to pick up titles," he explains.

"We will run for next several months some 4,000 commercials then measure and see whether will the response in those markets are stronger than in markets in which we did not run the TV ad." He says the key markets for the publications are California and Arizona.

Huting says OEMs like Ford, Chevy and Chrysler use the AutoTrader Classics platform to advertise new versions of iconic brands like Corvette, Mustang, Camaro and Challenger.

"Half the members of the average Corvette Club own classic Corvettes but half own modern versions," he says. "And the people who read our publications are valuable to automakers because they are often the neighborhood car nuts people come to for advice, so it's important for automakers to reach them."

Huting says AutoTraders' digital and print properties reach a million readers per month, 300,000 of whom read the print pubs. He says print is still important to classic car enthusiasts because they tend to be a little older, and like the portability. "It's something you read when you are having a beer and relaxing. It's a passionate audience."

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