Nielsen Projects More Hispanic TV Households


For the new TV season, Nielsen says there will be more new Hispanic TV homes -- once again -- than any other group.  

Hispanic TV homes will rise 3%, or 400,000, to 13.4 million for the 2010-2011 broadcast season. Nielsen says this represents 40% of 1 million U.S. TV homes that will be added this season. The 3% hike is higher than the 2.3% gain in Hispanic homes for the 2009-2010 broadcast season.

African-American TV homes will rise around 75,000, or 0.54%, to 14.1 million homes. Asian-American TV homes will add 30,000 homes, or 0.62%, to 4.8 million homes.

Overall, there was a 0.87% gain to all U.S. Television homes, landing at 115.9 million.

Nielsen says that among Hispanic TV homes, Philadelphia had the largest increase -- rising 8% from last year -- followed by Kansas City, which was 7.7% higher. Of the top 50 Hispanic markets, 22 markets changed rank this year, compared to only six changes last year.

In the top 50 African-American markets, Kansas City had the largest percentage increase, up 4.7% from last year. In the top 50 Asian markets, Austin, Texas increased 3.7%.



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