You Da Ice Cream Man

PaulyD_Baskin-RobbinsTalk about a campaign worthy of a fist-pump. To pimp its 31 Below frozen treat, which blends soft serve ice cream with a mind-boggling array of toppings, Baskin-Robbins hopped on the social networking bandwagon with a bizarre spokesperson at the helm: Jersey Shore "star" DJ Pauly D (birthed Paul Delvecchio).

While Pauly's fellow castmates are stuck promoting nightclub openings and something called "Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar," Baskin-Robbins' Facebook page and Twitter account invite visitors to "Mix it Up" with the star via an application that mimics, presumably, the process of creating a 31 Below treat. With Pauly D's guidance, guests select musical and sound-effect tracks to create a cacophonous smattering of noise that sounds like the sugar rush accompanying a cappuccino-ice-cream-brownie-chunk-topping-with-rainbow-sprinkles blend.

So why would Baskin-Robbins want to hook up with a reality TV personality better known for his blowout hair, borderline alcoholism, and ridiculous chest-length "Cadillac" tattoo (GM, you paying attention)? According to Baskin-Robbins, a sense of humor is the main ingredient. "When Irv Robbins, co-founder of Baskin-Robbins first started the brand 65 years ago, it was on the premise, 'We don't sell ice cream, we sell fun,'" says public relations manager Andrew Mastrangelo.

And unlike the ladies on the Jersey boardwalk, the ice cream purveyors are more interested in Pauly's, um, talent as opposed to his pecs. "While DJ Pauly D is quite a familiar face in the social nets, we're focusing on his music-mixing talents over his pop culture notoriety to really bring this campaign to life," Mastrangelo says. "DJ Pauly D combines a dynamic personality with unparalleled music-mixing talent. This electric combination is both as exciting and flavorful as our ice cream."

Plus, what better product placement could there be for a summer treat than the Jersey Shore cast, beating the beat back with a 31 Below in hand?

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