Video On Demand Boosts Live Viewing

A new survey measuring consumer behaviors and attitudes toward Video on Demand (VOD) by Avail-TVN, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, finds that nearly two-thirds of consumers say that availability of television program episodes on-demand make them more likely to watch those television shows on a regular basis.

The data shows that availability of free television programs on demand:

  • Increases loyalty
  • Helps consumers discover new shows
  • · Increases viewing when shows air live

Nearly 30% indicated that they had discovered new shows through on-demand, and now watch them regularly when they air on linear TV. VOD availability also impacts show selection say a quarter of VOD users who report they are more likely to watch shows on television that they know are also available to watch on-demand for free and just over a fifth say they are bigger fans of shows they know they can watch on-demand.

Brian Matthews, CMO, Avail-T, says "...this study illustrates VOD's power as a promotional tool for programmers, an enhancement to their core linear offering, which serves to build audience and brand loyalty."

Aditionally, the study finds that:

  • VOD ranks as the top-rated service among consumers who have access to on-demand programming, higher than DVRs and HD channels. 55% of respondents rated VOD highest, followed by DVRs at 51% and HD at 49%.
  • Commercials in free VOD programming are 31% less likely to be skipped than commercials in recorded programming. Nearly half of respondents interested in a sport say they are interested in full-length sports events from the previous week being offered On Demand. Interest is much higher for younger males (18 to 34) than older males (35 to 64)

The report concludes by suggesting that, "as fast turnaround of VOD assets becomes more pervasive, and fulfills customer expectations of next-day content availability, this trend should continue to help the market to monetize digital video content."

For more about this report, and Avail-TVN, please visit here.


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