New York Interconnect Connects Cablers To Interactive Ads

Moving ahead with interactive cable advertising efforts, a big local cable advertising group, the New York Interconnect, says it is offering interactive advertising efforts to 3.2 million digital subscribers in the New York area.

Partnering with New York-area MSO Cablevision Systems Corp. and Comcast Spotlight -- Comcast's local cable advertising sales group -- New York Interconnect says it can process basic "request for information" efforts for advertisers -- a first for a multiple cable system-wide interconnect advertising group.

Cable ad interconnects are market-wide sales organizations.

TV advertisers believe RFI capability is the first step to true interactive TV ads, where the consumer can interact with marketers in a variety of ways. Futurists believe consumers will be able to order takeout food, schedule test drives from car dealerships and a host of other activities on a consistent basis.

For RFI-enabled commercials, consumers view message overlays on the bottom of their screens while a 30-second commercial airs. Brand marketers believe this increases the value of a 30-second commercial. Consumers are able to use TV remotes to click for a coupon or special offer, a sample, brochure or DVD.

Ed Renicker, executive vice president and general manager of NYI, stated: "We have been providing our advertisers with this capability across Cablevision's service area for some time and have seen great success... Commercial spots that run across the New York Interconnect are now offering viewers an opportunity to engage with a 30-second ad and request more information about products and services."

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