African-Americans Watch Most TV, Asians Least


African-American U.S. homes used their televisions more than all other U.S. ethnicity groups -- double the amount of Asians, who watch the least TV.

African-Americans were at 7 hours and 12 minutes per day, more than the U.S. average of 5 hours and 11 minutes, according to Nielsen. White TV homes were at 5 hours and 2 minutes; Hispanics, 4 hours and 35 minutes: with Asians at 3 hours and 14 minutes.

White homes added more DVR ratings points to TV shows than any other ethnicity -- 5.0 ratings, giving a 15.4% lift over live airings. Total U.S. DVR average is adding 4.3 rating points for a 13.0% gain over live TV airings. Asian households give programs a 13.8% lift -- 3.1 rating points; Hispanics, 7.2%, 2.4 rating points; and African-Americans, 6.9%, 2.7 rating points.

On average, 38% of U.S. TV homes have a DVR. White TV homes were the highest, at 40%; and Hispanic homes, the lowest, at 30%.



In November 2010, when the survey was done, the top-rated show among White TV homes was a Fox network Thursday night NFL game, with the top non-sports TV show "Modern Family. The top cable show was ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

Among African-Americans, the top-rated show was a Fox NFL Sunday night game. The best cable shows were ESPN "Monday Night Football" followed by BET's "Soul Train Awards."

Hispanic TV viewers flocked to Univision's "Latin Grammys" as the best-rated broadcast show. On cable, it was Galavision's "Futbol Liga Mexico."

Asian homes also voted for football -- a Fox NFL Thursday game. The best non-sports show was Fox's "Glee." The best cable show was an ESPN "Monday Night Football" game.

African-American homes used more DVD and video games that other groups, according to Nielsen.

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