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roomram411Even though Rosie Larsen has been murdered, fans of AMC's new original series "The Killing," which premiered on April 3, are getting to know her through an interactive narrative experience hosted in "The Killing" section of "You discover things about her - little clues to who she was in life that may help you, to some degree, gain insight into why she may have been murdered," says Mac McKean, vice president of digital media at the AMC Network.

Launched two weeks prior to the premiere of "The Killing" and created with input from Veena Sud, the show's creator, executive producer and writer, and her writing staff, Rosie's Room lets visitors explore the late Rosie's bedroom, where they can take a peek inside her jewelry box, open a drawer under her bed and listen to - and even buy selections from - her music collection. Visitors can also log on to Rosie's computer, through which they gain access to her social network profile page and see her chats with friends, read emails, look at her photo collection and watch approximately a dozen of her video blogs.

There is incentive to make repeat visits to the site - parts of the experience will only be unlocked as the season progresses. According to McKean, immersive Internet experiences like Rosie's Room take fan engagement to another level. "If you really are a fan of a show, you are ready for more. You want to be able to get into that world and access it and participate in it to a greater degree than you can from watching the show," McKean says. "The show obviously creates that emotional connection. You suddenly feel all of this passion for something or someone - we're serving that passion."

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  1. Cassie Stox from Jennings, April 5, 2011 at 12:16 p.m.

    This reminds me of the online game that NBC created for the "Treasure Hunters" show. It only ran one season, but it was awesome and the online game allowed viewers to compete for a chance to do their own treasure hunt in DC for $10,000. My fiance and I would spend at least an hour every week figuring out clues to solve where the treasure was hidden.

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