Epson Touts Print Benefits For Photographers


To photography enthusiasts, taking a good photograph is one thing. Getting that image displayed just the way you expect is something different.

In a new advertising campaign from M&C Saatchi in Los Angeles, Epson demonstrates that it knows the difference between the two, targeting professional and advanced amateur photographers who not only care about getting the perfect shot, but want to turn it into the perfect print as well.

"A lot of these photographers can see things better than you and I," M&C Saatchi CEO Huw Griffith tells Marketing Daily. "And they're very keen to capture it and show it."

Each print ad shows a view of a photographer working to get that perfect shot, then shows the printed photo coming out of an Epson printer. One ad shows an underwater diver up close with a giant teeth-baring leopard seal. "You look down into icy waters. Ignore your shaking legs. Drop into pure darkness. Wonder how your fingers can still work. Race against time. And hypothermia. And an 1,100-lb. predator. Just to get one shot." The printer boasts a high-quality print of the toothy seal and the tagline "Finish Strong."



"The beauty of this campaign is that it narrows in on the benefits you get from Epson," Griffith says. "'Finish Strong' communicates that through all the troubles you go through, what's in your mind is only as good as the printout you make."

Additional ads depict a fashion shoot and a large wedding procession. Digital executions mirror the print campaign, with video of each photo shoot playing before the photo appears as the final result. The campaign is currently running in photography enthusiast magazines and Web sites.

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