Invidi Raises $49 Million, Puts Software In DirecTV DVRs

Invidi Technologies has completed its $49 million D round of funding. The addressable advertising company raised monies from various media sectors, including Google, Group M, Motorola, NBC and Verizon. DirectTV was the final participant in the investment pool.

This year, Invidi will roll out its Advatar software inside all DirecTV DVR set-top boxes, allowing TV advertisers to deliver tailored messaging to individual households during commercial breaks. DirecTV has 19.2 million customers in the U.S. The exact amount of its investment is unclear.

The technology uses specific demographic information and viewer metrics. For advertisers, it helps pinpoint precise reach and frequency, making their inventory more valuable.

David Downey, CEO Invidi, states: "Our distribution footprint is growing rapidly from Verizon FiOS to Dish Network to DirecTV." He adds that the "national digital footprint" is the "most effective and efficient way for media buyers to reach the precise target audience advertisers are looking for."

Irwin Gotlieb, GroupM's Global CEO, has said his company supports the functionality of addressable technology and advanced advertising. He believes these functions are crucial to the future of television and media.

Having completed long-term distribution agreements, Invidi is providing its services to more than 36 million HH cross-platform -- cable, satellite, telecom, IPTV -- in the U.S. and abroad.



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