NBC Live Promotes Prime Time Via Social Media


Pushing another social promotional tool for its shows, NBC is launching a live social stream of conversation called NBC Live that will be synced to live airings of the network's prime-time shows.

NBC Live, accessed through mobile devices like the iPad and laptops, will initially work with weekly live events, synced to the on-air broadcasts of the "The Office," "The Celebrity Apprentice," "The Biggest Loser" and the upcoming singing competition show "The Voice," which begins April 26 at 9 p.m.

NBC says NBC Live is a moderated live social conversation allowing fans to interact with each other and the NBC Live staff. Fans can also share their comments across Facebook and Twitter and follow other users.

NBC Live content features polls, trivia, insider commentary, and character quotes that will also run synced to the broadcast of shows. Actors, writers and others will host special events.

For NBC's new big wannabe "American Idol"-type show "The Voice," from producer Mark Burnett, users will be able to vote for their favorite contestants.

Vivi Zigler, president of NBCUniversal Digital Entertainment, stated: "We want to provide a place for fans to gather and provide them with unique insider information about each episode as it airs. It creates a live viewing experience that they can't get anywhere else."

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