Glee Wikia Trumpets TV Show, 'Engagement'


Social engagement adds incredible value to TV shows, according to TV executives -- and by that definition Fox's "Glee" continues to take top status, especially against its socially active core viewers.

In terms of page views per person, new pages/blogs created and total time spent, social community company Wikia says "Glee" is clearly a dominant TV player among young users when looking at its community area, Glee Wikia.

From all this data -- in addition to comments, unique visitors -- Wikia gives "Glee" a recent 4.8 total "engagement" score. But not far behind is TeenNick's "Degrassi" at a 4.4 number; and Nickelodeon's "iCarly" at a 4.3 score.

A Wikia community is a digital platform where community members write, edit and upload content. Wikia says it has some 200,000 different community areas. Wikia co-founder and chairman Jimmy Wales also started up Wikipedia and the Wikipedia Foundation.



Currently, Glee Wikia pulls in around 436,000 unique visitors -- not the most unique visitors among similarly skewed shows: CW's "Smallville" (558,000) and Nickelodeon's "iCarly (477,000) have more.

But looking at the activity of "Glee" visitors, the site pulls in a collective 4.1 million monthly page views a month -- easily tops among similar young-viewing shows. "Smallville" is at 2.1 million; iCarly, 1.7 million; and "Degrassi", 1.1 million.

The "Glee" page view activity works out to a big 9.4 page views per person, and what Wikia says is a "collective time at peak" of 9.9 years. Wikia's calculation of its "Glee" community site has its demographic as 55% female and 61% who are between 13 and 17 years old.

Other young-skewing scores: "iCarly" users average six hours, 29 minutes per month on its Wikia area; "Degrassi" is at 6:07; "Glee" at 5:58; and HBO's "True Blood," 4:52. In terms of average monthly comments, "iCarly" is at 10,545; "Glee" at 7,657; and "Degrassi" at 1,874.

Wikia says compared to other "Glee" destinations, such as Fox's own official site, which pulls in some 235,000 unique visitors, it believes the Glee Wiki is bigger and more dynamic in terms of social interaction. The "Glee" season finale is airing this week.

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