3D Movies Sales Slide, 3D TV Grows


Entertainment executives may be seeing a softening of interest in 3D movies, but one survey says 3D television sets continue to show rapid growth.

TV equipment research company DisplaySearch says that 1.9 million 3D TVs were shipped in the first quarter of 2011, a jump of 104%. It is estimated that globally, 3D TVs will have a 16.8% share number by the end of the year. In the first quarter, 3D TVs represented a 3.9% share.

At present, DisplaySearch says there are still obstacles to faster growth: not enough 3D TV shows/content, a flickering or crosstalk that can cause dizziness among some set manufacturers, high prices, uncomfortable glasses and confusion about different 3D technologies.

Near-term prices for 3D TV have fallen to some extent. Long-term, the research company says the addition of 3D can help retailers increase average selling prices.



By contrast, theatrical movies have recently witnessed a softening of some 3D box-office sales. Last year, there was an explosion of many movies offering 3D versions -- all of which tacked on box-office purchase price premiums for moviegoers.

Now analysts say consumers are becoming price-sensitive over 3D movies, given their higher box-office price tag than 2D movies. Viewers will be weeding out their choices -- only paying for high quality and big releases, leaving mediocre movies alone.


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