Hoffman To EVP, Cox Media

Bill Hoffman, who has been serving as general manager of Cox Media Group's ABC affiliate in Atlanta, has been tapped as an executive vice president at CMG, where he will head certain TV and radio stations and newspapers.

Previously, he was vice president and general manager at WSB, Atlanta and served as head of the ABC affiliates board.

Among his station oversight responsibilities in his new role are the ABC stations in Orlando and Charlotte, the CBS affiliate in Seattle and the NBC station and a local news channel in Pittsburgh.

Fellow executive vice president Alex Taylor will continue to oversee a slew of CMG properties in other regions.

Tim McVay, the general manager of Cox's Fox affiliate in the San Francisco market, will succeed Hoffman at WSB in Atlanta.

Doug Franklin, CMG president, stated that Hoffman is "well-respected in many industry circles, and I'm delighted that we can tap into his talents to drive our future success."

Hoffman joined Cox in 1979 at the TeleRep rep firm in an account rep role. Over the years, he has led the company's ABC affiliate in Orlando and was also local sales manager at WSB.

CMG had $1.8 billion in revenue last year, with one of its principal businesses the Valpak direct-marketing operations.



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