Rentrak To Sync Services With MediaBank

Rentrak, which offers measurement services based on set-top-box data, said it has a deal to make its system compatible with the MediaBank interface. Among other things, MediaBank offers analytics programs that look to assist media buyers.

The Rentrak services that will be synced with MediaBank include one that offers data for national networks -- many of which are not Nielsen-rated -- as well as tracking viewing at local stations and with on-demand offerings.

The integration is "a big industry plus and a move that will surely improve efficiencies across all media planning, buying and posting channels," stated John Muszynski, chief investment officer at SMGx.

Rentrak executive Cathy Hetzel stated that the deal will allow more exploration of "the connection between TV viewing and consumer purchasing in order to make more targeted buys in both local and national markets."

Using set-top-box data from companies such as Dish Network, Charter, and AT&T U-verse, Rentrak provides viewing data in all 210 TV markets.

TRA, which tries to pinpoint the impact of advertising on consumer purchasing and could be considered a Rentrak competitor, signed a similar deal with MediaBank earlier this month. TRA also uses set-top-box data.



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