iPhone Owners: Big Video Watchers, Mobile App Users


There is much more video watching on iPhones than other smartphones.

U.K.-based media researcher Futuresouce says 64% of iPhone users watch video as opposed to 32% of other smartphone users.

Alison Casey, head of global content at Futuresource Consulting, says brand loyalty has been shown to be particularly relevant to iPhone owners. And that extends to their entertainment/video usage. Casey says 54% who intend to commit to the Apple brand also utilize their mobile apps.

Entertainment content usage is a key component of smartphones -- with social networks and video sites pushing that usage. In the U.S., Futuresource cites Facebook, Google and YouTube as key instigators of Internet and video content. In the U.K., big players are Facebook, Google and BBC.

Casey says 33% of U.S. mobile users have smartphones and about 25% in the U.K. In three years, she says both territories will grow to 75% smartphone penetration.



User-generated content continues to account for the majority of video watched online via mobile devices, as well as viewing professional TV and movie trailers, short-form content and music videos.

Overall, Casey said there were 10 billion app downloads in 2010, amassing $4 billion in revenue. "Gaming is the main driver for app downloads, across all four territories and 65% of smartphone owners regularly playing games on their phones. This is closely followed by social networking and music, with more than 40% downloading social networking Apps across all territories."

Apple iPhone users are downloading the most games and most frequently paying for content. One in three are making mobile app purchases compared to other smartphone users and one in ten compared to BlackBerry and Android users.

The recent research was drawn from 2,500 respondents, including consumers as young as 12.

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