3D Has Yet To Click For Home Viewers


Home 3D Entertainment isn't a priority for consumers currently, but awareness and exposure outside the home -- in movie theaters, retail venues, and from portable devices -- continues to grow.

The NPD Group says 3D glasses are the big problem -- overpriced -- with the majority of American consumers saying this halts any purchase of the new TV entertainment product.

Pricing is the second deterrent, with 42% of consumers in May reporting that it was a hurdle to buying a 3D TV, up from 38% last September.

The survey says overall awareness and purchase intent of 3D products declined in May 2011 versus October of last year. Executives have said 3D TV marketing efforts of sets and services may be slowing as a result of seasonal buying habits.

NPD Group says consumers don't necessarily mind 3D entertainment away from the traditional living-room television set.



One of the improving trends comes with portable devices, says the study, like the new portable handheld 3D video-game consoles. With the launch of products, such as Nintendo 3DS in February, consumer awareness climbed 13% in May from 5% last October.

Some of the lull with 3D TVs comes from typical seasonal buying trends that affect all TV sales, says NPD Group. Newer 3D technologies may ease consumers back into the marketplace.

"With lighter and less expensive active shutter glasses, a mix of smaller displays and the entry of passive 3D technologies into the market, the industry is offering more 3D options to consumers," stated Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis at NPD.

He credits a larger selection of Blu-ray titles, along with new digital delivery alternatives, as "helping to ease the path to 3D entertainment."


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