SocialVibe Adapts Brand Ad Model For Politicians


Politicians running ads through SocialVibe's network will have an opportunity to reach young voters through casual game maker Zynga, as well as on Pandora, Huffington Post, and eight of the top 10 Facebook apps, the ad network confirmed Thursday.

SocialVibe launched a political advertising platform aimed at supporting political campaigns and committees. Today, advertisers use the ads to offer consumers credits for online games or access to premium content in exchange for interacting with the content. Politicians applying the same model can present persuasive messaging in campaigns encouraging voters to take action, as well as share the experience with friends.

SocialVibe is a Zynga exclusive ad partner.

Political ads running across a network serving up ads in popular video games such as FarmVille, as well as an Internet radio station, will surely create buzz. Social networks and video games change the way people interact with brands, so it seems likely the positive effect would roll out to politicians reaching out with a message. Performics, a performance marketing agency owned by Publicis Groupe, released a report Thursday detaining findings from "S-Net, The Impact of Social Media," a social network study from ROI Research.



The study found 52% of respondents strongly or somewhat agree that voicing opinions on social networking sites can influence business decisions of companies and brands. Thirty-one percent said they purchase more from companies or brands that they like or follow, compared with those they do not.

The young who want to catch political news go to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Earlier this week, a White House aide confirmed Twitter tweets had influence on the agreement of the U.S. debt ceiling. President Barack Obama had asked people to persuade their congressman with tweet, using the tag #compromise. President Obama also tapped into online media to announce his re-election.

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