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Sexist Ads Miss Mark

  • Forbes, Monday, August 8, 2011 9:30 AM denounces Got Milk's ads targeting men whose female partners have PMS; GoDaddy's use of nearly nude photos of racer Danica Patrick and trainer Jillian Michaels; ads for Degree deodorant whose pitch is that it is "extra responsive in emotional moments."

Columnist Nicole Skibola points out that, as women make 85% of consumer purchases, sexism as a marketing ploy probably doesn't make sense. " sends a message to women that the technology consumer market (which continues to be heavily male skewed) is not intended for their consumption; Got Milk and Degree suggest that women are emotional basket cases who need milk or specially formulated deodorant to contain their raging passions."

She argues that depicting women in a fair and respectable light is an ethical obligation that should be under the aegis of CSR.



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