Mentos App Helps Fans Improve Their Friends

Mentos While most mints settle for delivering taste and fresher breath, Perfetti Van Melle's Mentos brand is offering its Facebook fans a way to help friends correct their personality flaws.

The candy's Facebook page now features an app that allows users to create and send "Custom Life Guidance" videos, starring the brand's tongue-in-cheek guru character Dragee ("part Zen master, part inspirational leader"). Each video is personalized by pulling information, photos and other content from the recipient's Facebook profile.

Think your friend is vain? There's a video for that. For example, notes Mashable, Dragee may point out to the recipient the number of times he or she has used "I" or "me" in status updates, with recent examples included.

Other video versions are designed for friends who are boring or have subpar love lives.



In addition to the app, created by The Martin Agency and Ted Perez + Associates, Mentos' Facebook page offers video shorts featuring Dragee going to outrageous lengths to demonstrate his "absolute positivity" (personifying the "fresh, positive Mentos way of life").

For instance, two shorts show the hippie-ish character inspiring himself with a Mentos before jumping into horrific city-street traffic and trying to face down a cobra -- in each case getting creamed, while obliviously declaring a mind-over-matter victory.

Also coming soon to the Facebook page: Dragee's "Negative Tweet Eliminator."

Judging from the impressive "likes" tally (currently at nearly 983,000), Mentos's results are looking ... positive.

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