Out to Launch

CloroxClorox launched a quirky online and TV campaign "For Life's Bleachable Moments." Too bad the uneasy memory will live on forever. Two Dads chat at a park while holding their infant children. One man's young boy interrupts the convo and is ignored multiple times, until dad smells something bad. Is it the baby? No it's his older boy pooping his pants. Nobody likes being ignored. See it here. A young boy in the midst of potty training goes to the bathroom, much to his mother's delight. Too bad it was inside the bathtub. Watch it here. Creepy Uncle Steve dons his niece's bathrobe while plucking his nose hairs. Not even bleach could fix that. See it here. Never ask a woman how far along in her pregnancy she is unless her water breaks in your presence. Reason: she might not be pregnant. The offending woman escaped the situation by spilling red wine down her shirt. Watch it here. DDB San Francisco created the campaign.



Colorado LotteryThis plays more like a fragrance ad than one for a scratch-off lottery ticket. The Colorado Lottery launched a TV spot promoting its vampire-themed ticket, Immortal Cash, targeting Twi-Moms. If you're like me, you might wonder what a Twi-Mom is. Well, it's a married woman who's obsessed with the "Twilight" book series. A man and woman, dressed to the nines, stare longingly and lovingly at one another, explore an empty house and share a tender embrace. The man bares his fangs and is about to sink his teeth into the woman's neck when a woman, daydreaming on a park bench, returns to reality. See the ad here, created by Cactus

Illinois LotteryThe Illinois Lottery launched two entertaining TV spots for its Cash Spectacular scratch-off game. In "Parade," a car holding Cash Spectacular million-dollar prizewinners drives through town. There are not just a few millionaires, but 25. Watch it here. "Marbles" is my favorite. To emphasize that Cash Spectacular will award 7.6 million cash prizes to players, a large jar was filled with 7.6 million marbles. And then it broke. Marbles carry a small car down a hill, trick squirrels into thinking they 're food, and leave a pair of deliverymen in a delicate position as they try not to drop the piano they're carrying. See it here. Energy BBDO created the campaign.

EA SportsAthletes training for physical competition are no different from gamers when prepping for an interactive match-up. You gotta keep those thumbs loose and flexible! EA Sports launched "Get Ready," supporting the recent launch of FIFA Soccer 2012. One set of players moves the gaming outdoors for some friendly competition, while inside an undisclosed mansion Seth Meyers and U.S. Soccer goalie Hope Solo challenge NBA star Steve Nash to a match. You'll never guess who wins. Watch the ad here, created by Heat, San Francisco, directed by Brent Harris of SKUNK, and edited by Arcade Edit

Heineken LightHeineken Light's Occasionally Perfect billboard has struck again, this time in Chicago. The billboard first launched in New York when TV on the Radio surprised passersby with a concert in NoHo. On Sept. 28, the group Broken Social Scene played atop a billboard across the street from Wrigley Field. Hints were dropped that day on Twitter and Facebook, and Broken Social Scene trended on Twitter in Chicago during the concert itself. See highlights here. I wonder where the billboard will land next? Wieden+Kennedy New York created the campaign. 

Credit SuisseEuro RSCG London launched a print and out-of-home campaign for Credit Suisse in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Ads feature a range of Credit Suisse's clients, like Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt; Oxygen, an Italian electric scooter manufacturer;  and Maccaferri, an Italian industrial group. The ad with Maccaferri describes how the company's flood management system is capable of keeping Venice looking the same now as it did in the past. Lindt's ad shows a more playful side, with the company's CEO having an after-hours drink with Lindt's chocolate spokesbear. See creative here, here and here

Lenox HillDead celebrities to promote a hospital? Lenox Hill Hospital has done just that in its latest TV spot running throughout New York. OK, not all of the celebs are dead: Julie Andrews is the lone living celebrity featured alongside Sir Winston Churchill, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Mickey Mantle and Jimmy Cagney.  As black-and-white footage of these household names plays, a voiceover describes the celebs, or so we think, as gifted, celebrated and admired. In reality, the voiceover is describing their doctors. See the ad here, created by DeVito/Verdi.

Jello AppRandom iPhone and iPad App of the week: JELL-O launched a free iPhone and iPad app called Jiggle-It, featuring a personalized JELL-O cube that dances to music. Is it too obvious to request the Will Smith song, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" as the cube's theme song? Users can choose any track in their iTunes library or play a song straight from their speakers, and the JELL-O cube will go with the beat. It looks like authentic jiggly gelatin, too.  The app, created by CP+B, uses an audio analyzer to detect a song's beats per minute to determine just how jiggly the gelatin gets. Watch a teaser of the app here and download it here in the App Store.

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