NFL Football On TV Scores For Advertisers, Little Time-Shifting

NFLFor TV networks, NFL football continues to be the steady and valuable performer among viewers and advertisers, according to new research.

Two-thirds -- 64% of all TV viewers -- say they watch NFL football, with three-quarters of males currently watching some NFL on TV and 55% of women viewers. This is according to an Adweek/Harris Poll.

The good news for advertisers: There continues to be little time-shifting for NFL TV content -- as well as for other sports. Just 21% say they time-shift sports programming, with NFL content faring a bit better, at 18%. Only 4% say they record all or most of their favorite teams' games. Eight in 10 Americans say they never record televised sporting events, at 79%.

More good news for advertisers that spend lots of money buying messaging on traditional TV versus other devices. Sixty percent say they watch a game on TV; 8% on a computer; and 6% watch it live. Those watching on a smartphone come to a 3% tally; and those on a tablet device, 2%.

Weekly NFL programming for some viewers can be a heavy time experience. Sixty percent say they spend 5 hours or less per week watching football during the NFL season, and 27% say they watch between six and 10 hours per week.

Most current TV watchers still watch football the old-fashioned way -- via an ad-supported network. The study says 90% of U.S. viewers do not subscribe to any specially themed football cable or satellite TV package.

NFL fantasy league-related activity continues to be a niche part of the sport, compared to general NFL TV viewing overall: Only 13% say they spend any time on fantasy stuff.



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