Google Adds Mobile App Inventory To Exchange

Google announced Monday that it will make in-app inventory from its AdMob ad network available through the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. A small number of “pre-qualified buyers” will be able to bid on this inventory initially in the next few weeks before it rolls out more widely.

Ultimately, Google said the step will give app developers and publishers access to a wider pool of buyers including demand-side platforms (DSPs) and agency trading desks. That in turn would improve their potential returns and help expand the overall mobile Web economy.

At the same time, marketers using DoubleClick AdEx will be able to buy ads in real-time that run inside mobile games and other types of apps. Among the initial buyers will be Publicis unit VivaKi.

"We anticipate this experience will help us bring mobile to scale to our partners, and will provide insight into the operational elements and the creative assets that work best in this environment," said Kurt Unkel, SVP, president of VivaKi Nerve Center.



Last year, AdMob began allowing app publishers to have access to advertisers through AdWords when an ad was not available from AdMob. The addition of in-app inventory is a further move toward making its exchange a more fully cross-market trading platform, said Chip Hall, director of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange in a blog post today.

After adding in-stream video formats to the exchange earlier this year, he said the number of buyers for that category had tripled over the last quarter. He added that the volume of trades overall on the DoubleClick exchange has increased more than 150% in the last year.

Starting in a few weeks, certified ad networks will compete in an auction along with AdWords advertisers. The highest paying ad will show on a publisher’s in-app inventory, noted Vishay Nihalani, product manager, Google Mobile Ads, in a separate blog post Monday.

Other mobile exchanges including Velti-owned Mobclix offer in app inventory as well as other mobile ad networks such as Millennial Media and ValueClick unit Greystripe.



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