Rovion Debuts Self-Service Rich Media Ad Platform

Michael-SawtellRovion, an ad-serving company and division of Local, will unveil a self-service ad management platform Wednesday that allows marketers to create rich media ads without the use of Web code. The platform -- dubbed RAMP, an acronym for Rovion Ad Management Platform -- also enables marketers to publish and track ads online.

RAMP, which supports drag-and-drop tools, allows agencies and brands to quickly customize non-template ads for local markets or comparison tests. Based on a CPM advertising mode, the platform relies on local shopping data from Krillion to build and track custom rich media ads that incorporate pricing information and in-store product availability.

Several dozen companies began testing the platform six months ago. In that time, RAMP has served more than 100 million impressions over the system for hundreds of campaigns. The platform helps creative teams build the ad units faster because it bypasses the need for technical teams to enter code, according to Michael Sawtell, COO at Rovion.



Marketers without the knowledge of Flash or Active Script can create custom ads in about seven minutes. The platform offers sharing capabilities so marketer can build creative ads and assign tasks, publish ad tags and traffic ads. Reports provide details on click-throughs, video plays and mouseovers to monitor conversions, metrics and success or failure.

The inspiration to build the platform came from clients, Sawtell said.

Brand clients often send the ad back to the agency and wait 72 hours for a rich media provider to change something. In RAMP, marketers can change an address in an ad to ensure that one that ran in Sacramento the previous week can now run in San Francisco during the weekend.

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