Females Who Play Online Games Have More Sex

GH-Infographic-B3Get your head out of the search engine optimization and paid search stats for a moment. Did you know that women who play more online games have more sex than females who do not? I found that stat from a Harris Interactive study conducted on behalf of GameHouse -- so obscure that I chose to share it with readers of Search Marketing Daily. It's almost like saying that women who search for online content or click on paid-search ads related to sports cars drive recklessly in real life.
The stereotype of an anti-social male teen sitting in a darkened room apparently is no longer true. Online games include those played on the computer, in social networks or on mobile devices. About half of the 2,000 U.S. adults participating in the study were women.



It turns out that 57% of women who play online gamers have sex, versus 52% of those who don’t play. And 38% were also found to have sex more frequently -- at least once weekly -- compared with the 34% of females who do not play online games. Fifty-five percent of female online gamers admit they are happy, and 50% said online games make them feel smarter.
Socializing seems to have a major impact as well. The data also reveals that 86% of female online gamers socialize on social networking sites, compared with 71% of those who do not play online games. Forty-two percent of female online gamers socialize with friends and family in person at least once a day, while only 31% of those who don’t play online games see friends and family at least once a day.
Both females who play online games and those who don't spend time watching TV. About 74% of female online gamers watch TV at least once per day, as well as 71% of females who don’t play online games. Now, get back to work. 

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