TV Usage On Rise, Print Grabs More Ad $ Than Mobile

People-watch-TVDigital media consumption is rising, yet more research shows that traditional TV usage continues to grow.

According to eMarketer, in 2011, the average adult consumer is spending 10 more minutes each day watching television. Now at 4 hours and 34 minutes each day, this includes live TV, recorded TV or DVD.

Digital media consumption has grown as well. Internet usage is now up 7.7% to two hours and 47 minutes -- the next-largest category.

Mobile phone usage is sharply up -- 30% to 65 minutes, versus just 44 minutes a day for print magazines and newspapers. Adults are spending less time than last year with radio and print publications.

But eMarketer says print and newspapers still command more of the advertising dollars than mobile or other Internet platforms. Next to TV and the Internet, newspapers have the next-biggest share of advertising dollars at 15.0% -- against a share of time usage at 4.0%. Magazines are at 9.7% of advertising dollars, but only 2.8% share of time spent.

When it comes to looking at share of time versus share of advertising dollars, television is still the king in both categories, at 42.5% of share of time and 42.2% share of advertising dollars. The Internet is next, at 25.9% time share and 21.9% of advertising share.

Radio lands at 64 minutes of daily usage. That comes to a 10.9% advertising share and 14.6% time share. Overall, adults' total time spent with media per day comes to to 11 hours and 33 minutes.

Mobile has the biggest disparity in the other direction: 10.9% share of time and 0.9% share of advertising dollars.



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