'Enchanted Forest of Curiosities' Promotes Quirky Gin

What do woodland sprites, sword swallowers, bearded ladies and contortionists have in common? Aside from the fictional and carnival sideshow qualities, these quirky characters collaborated to promote a self-proclaimed unique gin: Hendrick’s.

The drink differs from other types of gin by including cucumber and rose petal infusions in its flavor. In keeping with the brand’s distinctive taste are its marketing campaigns.

A series of three-day events, dubbed The Enchanted Forest of Curiosities, took place in San Francisco and New York in December. Beginning in San Francisco in the city’s SoMa district, the event featured a snow-filled forest landscape, complete with wishing wells, fresh moss and seats made from tree trunks.

Cocktails, with names like the Archangel, Snow Miser’s Cooler, Alaskan Sour and Post In-Law’s Visit Recovery Punch, were served to guests by woodland sprites.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn was the site for the East Coast event, giving a new definition to “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” The forest theme remained, with the addition of sword swallowers, bearded ladies, a mushroom garden, an aerialist, strongman, contortionist and the Balkan Romani Brass Band.  The event concluded with a performance from drag queen/comedian, Hedda Lettuce, sponsored by New York magazine.

Hendrick’s says these events serve as a “small taste” of things to expect from the brand in 2012.

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