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Lego Goes Social For Hero Factory Idea

LegoAs a brand, Lego has its fair share of enthusiasts. A quick Internet search reveals enthusiast groups all over the world who create art, film and other projects out of the little plastic bricks.

With that in mind, the toymaker has contracted with social media company Tongal to generate even more enthusiasm for its Lego Hero Factory concept. The project encourages Lego fans to produce a 30- to 90-second animated or animation/live action blend video that completes a story set up on Tongal in which the Hero Factory has been placed under lockdown after a breakout of “ignoble villains and hideous monsters.” Only one hero, Rocka, works to defeat the Black Phantom, who is working to destroy the Hero Factory.

“One thing that I've always believed is that Web content is special, and in order to be truly effective and original, you can't repurpose content designed for other media for the Web,” Tongal President James DeJulio tells Marketing Daily. “Our job here is to give Lego some fresh and inspired video content that they can leverage across the Web to drive awareness for Hero Factory.”



A total of $20,000 in prizes ($500 for a winning concept; $2,500 for a winning pitch and $17,000 for the winning video) will be awarded to whomever comes up with the winning video. Tongal is currently soliciting concepts for the videos. Executives will narrow down the concepts to five finalists, which will be produced into videos. While Tongal has done similar projects for other clients, this is the first time the social platform has worked with Lego, DeJulio says. Both companies are promoting the project within their respective social media outlets.

“Lego [is] a brand that invites and fosters creativity and has the most engaged and enthusiastic fan base on the Web,” DeJulio says. “I expect some truly unique and unexpectedly fun videos to be produced by some truly talented people -- and for Lego to engage some of their enthusiasts in a fun environment.”

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