Learning To Love 3MS

Inevitably, today’s OMMA Metrics and Measurement conference has gotten around to 3MS, a.k.a, Making Measurement Make Sense, a broad industry initiative conceived by the IAB, ANA, and 4A’s.

3Ms has three primary objectives: to define transparent, standardized, and consistent metrics and measurement systems to simplify the planning, buying, and selling of digital media in a cross-platform world; drive industry consensus around solutions; and establish a measurement governance model to support ongoing standards development, ensure compliance, and manage change in a rapidly evolving media climate.

Upon its inception, some industry thought leaders expressed their skepticism about the effort. Yet, one such skeptic -- Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer at comScore – says he’s seen the light, and is now a big fan of 3MS. “They’ve done a really nice job,” said Chasin.

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