DoubleVerify Offers Data To RTBs

Oren-NetzerTo further pique interest in online ad verification among buyers and sellers, DoubleVerify is expected to make its services available to real-time bidder (RTB) exchange environments. Specifically, the ad verifier is making its data available to agency trading desks, ad networks and DSPs.

In the first of several planned RTB integrations, DoubleVerify’s data will be applied to campaigns running through the AppNexus platform.

“Bidders can buy brand safe inventory at scale with confidence, and avoid paying for impressions that are not targeted, safe or relevant for the brand,” according to Oren Netzer, CEO of DoubleVerify. 

Driven by rising digital advertising budgets, online ad verification has become big business. Quantifying its worth, comScore agreed to buy ad verification company AdXpose for $22 million late last year, while earlier in 2011, DoubleVerify closed a respectable $33 million funding round.



The verifiers, however, say they’re not the only ones benefiting from their rise in prominence. According to DoubleVerify's semiannual Trust Indexes, advertisers and networks are increasingly standardizing brand protection and compliance verification as part of their media buys.

Despite improvements, however, 72% of campaigns have at least some ads that run next to content that advertisers consider “not brand safe,” according to a recent report from comScore.

Currently, DoubleVerify says it handles more than 60 billion ad impressions per month for hundreds of Fortune 500 advertisers, ad networks and platforms. Based on these impressions, the company develops profiles that are honed and customized for advertisers. 

Along with Google’s Admeld unit, Forrester recently ranked AppNexus as a “leader” in the so-called “supply-side platforms” segment of the online display advertising marketplace. Also in 2011, the company said the number of impressions served through its platform increased 859% year-over-year, citing proprietary research.

AppNexus Chief Executive Officer Brian O’Kelley said last year that the company was eying an IPO in late 2012.

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