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Pampers Targets Hispanic Consumers


Pampers is launching an initiative that goes beyond Spanish-language translations.

“Mi milagro. Nuestra herencia,” which means “My miracle. Our heritage,” is an online initiative which celebrates Hispanics' cultural duality and the importance they place on honoring their heritage with their children. It offers Hispanic parents an opportunity to showcase their Latino pride and share personal baby care tips and information.

The initiative includes a dedicated heritage tab that is part of an online offering on the Pampers' Latino Facebook Page. The page has over 44,000 thousand "likes" which is almost 10 times that of the competition.

As part of the launch, Pampers is offering daily giveaways including customized baby body suits that represent the parents' country of origin along with a chance to win the grand prize of a family vacation to a Latin American country of choice. The contest runs from through May 31, but the tab and other initiatives will run indefinitely, said Pampers brand manager, Felix Olmo.



“The goal of the 'Mi milagro. Nuestra herencia' tab is to offer parents on Pampers Latino Facebook a forum to connect on the joys of raising babies within the fabric of the American experience while infusing and protecting Hispanic cultural pride and traditions,” Olmo tells Marketing Daily. “While we can’t speak to future plans, I can assure you Hispanic parents are very important to us and we will continue to engage in culturally relevant ways with these consumers.”

As a market, Pampers recognizes that Hispanics are often more brand loyal than the general market, he said. “We want to continue to cultivate a solid relationship between the [Hispanic] market and our brand by developing resources and programming that is culturally relevant and aligns with Hispanics' passion points,” Olmo said. “Our Pampers Latino Facebook is successful because we engage with Hispanic parents on topics that 'speak' to their needs -- from baby care to special Latino traditions -- and develop one-on-one relationships with our fans.”

In addition, Pampers has great support from influential Latina bloggers that share the page with their respective readers as a resource to baby care information, he added.

Pampers feels it is important to recognize the 'cultural duality' Latino parents face -- celebrating the American experience, while preserving their cultural roots -- and find new and creative programming that meet their everyday needs,” Olmo said. “Our main priority is to provide support for a baby’s happy, healthy development, regardless of ethnicity.”

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  1. Jeremy Villa from N/A, April 6, 2012 at 3:44 a.m.

    Every day the newborn baby was born, this is a huge market.

  2. Ben Schofield from amftrad, March 4, 2015 at 8 p.m.

    I would imagine that there would be some big money to be made with this, as Jeremy above, states, thousands of new babies are born everyday.

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