Multiscreen Viewing Up, Ad Reception Mixed

Watching-TV-on-IpadWhile traditional ‘lean-back’ TV may be strong among U.S. viewers, a growing number of consumers have interest in -- or have already adopted -- multiscreen smaller device habits.

A new 2012 survey found that 57% of people are interested in multiscreen video services, up from 48% in 2011. The study comes from Toronto-based QuickPlay Media, a provider of video to IP-connected devices.

Another 35% have reported trying a mobile TV and/or video service, with 27% saying they currently use new video services. 43% of current users consume mobile TV and video at least once per week; and 23% have daily usage.

Much of this activity is relatively new: 72% have been mobile TV and video users for a year or less, and 81% say they watch more video on multiscreen devices than a year ago.



But not all advertising messaging is making an impact. Only 20% recall viewing ads on their device while using a mobile TV and/or video service, and 81% say there is a lack of advertising variety.

Good news for social media services: 74% are interested in viewing mobile TV and/or video channels that integrate sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

The big preference for specific programming is for TV episodes -- which tallied a 38% score. Sports was next at 28%, followed by news at 19%. Live programming scored well -- preferred by 51% of users -- with a 30% score for sports,  21% for TV episodes, and 34% preferring an on-demand format.

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