Charter Promotes Interactive Ads

Watching-TV-AA1Cable operator Charter Communications said it will use ad widgets from FourthWall Media to propel advanced advertising opportunities in 800,000 homes in five markets.

The ad opportunities include “addressable versioning,” where different interactive opportunities for viewers could be offered to different customer targets (based on demographics or geographies) simultaneously during interactive spots. Also, advertisers could run different (noninteractive) billboard overlays during the same spot, again aimed at different customer segments.

In addition, there are ways to switch from a TV spot to VOD longer-form content and request-for-information interactive ads, where a customer can order a free sample or additional information through the mail.



Jim Heneghan, president, Charter Media, stated that interactive TV "connects businesses with viewers in real time on their television." FourthWall’s Ad Widgets use the EBIF and SaFI standards.

Tim Peters, FourthWall CEO, stated: “Commercials will become more engaging for consumers to watch, more effective for the advertisers, and the post-buy analysis will provide clear and accurate usage information."

Charter and other operators, such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable, are moving aggressively to ramp up interactive ad opportunities in local markets.

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