Adometry Cross-Channel Attribution Integrates Offline Data

Paul-PellmanAdometry has launched a platform that identifies with increasing accuracy the offline media driving online conversions and vice versa. The strategy toward improving metrics in multichannel marketing links TV, radio and print campaign data with online ad attribution and optimization techniques.

The tool, Adometry Attribute, allows advertisers to track the impact that offline channels have on conversions. It allows them to adjust cross-channel investments and improve performance. The offline data comes from the advertiser.

Marketers can track the impact of conversion from economic data such as seasonality and stock market fluctuations, as well as environmental data like weather. The tool also allows advertisers to incorporate offline conversion data from in-store purchases into the analysis of campaign performance.



Paul Pellman, CEO at Adometry, said the integration of offline and online media also help brands determine allocation budgets for TV, radio, print and other traditional channels. "Many times our clients collect email addresses as part of an offline purchase or transaction to confirm," he said. "We can put our tracking pixels in that email. When it's opened, we gather that data as a conversion event, and we can marry the conversion against the online media the person might have seen."

The offline conversion event of providing an email in the store at the time of purchase is linked to online activities once the email is opened and the consumer clicks through to the Web site from the email link.

In the Forrester Research report, "Understanding The Cross-Channel Attribution Landscape," analysts Tina Moffett, Suresh Vittal and Michelle Dickson explain how an integrated cross-channel attribution strategy remains a critical first step to optimizing marketing budgets.

The other steps rely on having the resources to support it. Forrester analysts suggest aligning the marketing organization, understanding the intricacies and developing an action plan.

The vision to bring together online and offline data augments services from Adobe, Coremetrics, Clickable, Google, Experian, GroupM, Nielsen, ClearSaleing and others that are striving to do something similar in attribution modeling.

Earlier this week, Google introduced Active GRP and Active View features into DoubleClick for Advertisers, allowing brands to use offline measurement standards, for online campaigns, too. 

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