DIY, PBS Kids, NFL Viewers Generate Best Ad Response

Hammers and nails, small furry animals and toys, and perhaps some beer and pizza -- that’s what we are thinking about while watching some cable networks with strong advertising messaging.

DIY Network, PBS Kids Sprout and NFL Network are the top networks when it comes to viewers who are “more likely to buy products advertised on a network," according to a new study.

DIY led with a 35% number, followed closely by PBS Kids Sprout at 34% and NFL Network at 33% -- according to Beta Research. All this compares much more favorably to the average broadcast network, which the survey says garnered an 18% score.

Other channels that scored well include Food Network (31%); Disney XD (30%); Nick Jr. (30%); HGTV (29%); G4 (28%); and Nat Geo Wild (28%).

Beta Research says some big documentary/reality networks score best as overall view favorites: History earned a 56% score; Discovery Channel, 55%; National Geographic Channel, 52%; Food Network, 50%; H2 (History International), 50%; and ESPN, 49%.

The average broadcast network takes in a 40% number.

What networks do viewers want to see on their smartphones, tablets or computers? NFL Networks was at 36%; Disney XD, 33%; PBS Kids Sprout, 32%; ESPN, 31%; and ESPN News, 31%.



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