Flexjet Touts Service In The Sky


Jet-sharing firm Flexjet showcases people over planes in a new effort to showcase it’s personalized customer service and distance itself from rivals. 

A new print and online effort appearing in business publications such as Elite Traveler, Bloomberg Markets, Forbes, Robb Report and the Wall Street Journal features engaging photographs of its customers peacefully enjoying their Flexjet experience. The copy, meanwhile highlights the company’s service and flexibility. One ad shows a sleeping child curled up in one of the seats with a teddy bear. “Sleep on the Plane,” reads the copy. “Sleep (comfortably) on the plane. Sleep (comfortably) on a plane backed by 13 FAA Diamond Awards.”



“If you look at the decision processes for our products, they’re very personal, and as a result they have a lot of personal connection involved with them,” Bruce Peddle, vice president of sales and marketing at Flexjet tells Marketing Daily. “We believe there’s a strong emotional decision process in the private aviation sector.”

The effort is a deviation from the company’s previous (and many competitors’) campaigns, which had long showcased the aircraft and amenities. Those, however, are simply points of entry in the category, Peddle says. Flexjet, he says, needed to identify what was the true differentiating factor. After much internal analysis, that differentiator turned out to be service. 

“On the service side, it’s a little more difficult because you’re trying to sell a philosophy rather than the amenities,” he says. “I felt we needed to spend a lot more time on what the philosophy is than the tangible amenities are.”

The campaign is further meant to further underscore the company’s experience, which Peddle says goes back more than 100 years. Flexjet, owned by Bombardier, traces its history back to Short Brothers PLC, the first company to produce aircraft for the Wright Brothers in 1909. 

“We’re the only manufacturer today that offers the complete line of services.” Peddle says. “We felt that our heritage really drives our passion for excellence in aviation.” 

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