New Nook Heals 'No. 1' Bedroom Woe

Nook-Glowinglight-BBarnes & Noble positions itself as marriage savior in a new campaign for its latest e-reader innovation, the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, the first “E-Ink” reader that illuminates to accommodate reading in darkness. 

The new effort, which includes a television spot as well as online and print components, showcases how the product solves what the company calls “the number-one problem couples have in bed”: being prevented from falling asleep or having sleep interrupted when their partner reads in bed. 

The television commercial shows a montage of couples in bed, with one person reading and the other unable to fall asleep because of the reading light. Those partners are shown covering their eyes with a pillow, rolling over in frustration and turning off the light. “Do you read in bed? Do you need a lamp to see? Don’t you wish there was light that would not keep them up all night?” asks a voiceover. The issue is solved when one partner turns on the Nook with GlowLight and the other partner turns off the reading lamp.



“We know that for as long as there have been beds, and books, there’s been a common clash between couples at bedtime: Lights on, to read? Or off, to sleep?” said Glenn Kaplan, creative director at Barnes & Noble, in a statement. “Our new campaign sheds light on this age-old issue and celebrates its resolution.”

Print advertisements take aim at the leading e-reader with lines like: “Sorry, Kindle, you’re just not that good in bed.” The campaign was created by Mullen.

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