Out to Launch

CoxCOX Communications launched a trio of amusing ads to promote its high-speed Internet offerings. It’s time to upgrade from DSL. Case in point: a father and son watching streaming video on a 70-inch TV, with DSL. Whenever the buffering symbol appears, dad takes this time to awkwardly bond with his son, saying things like, “How’s chemistry… between you and Ashley” and “Does this mole look weird to you?” See it here. DSL installers take up additional lines of work, now that the demand for DSL has waned. Think fruit-picking, window-washing and giraffe-feeding. Watch it here. In the final ad, seen here, a recliner manufacturer feels the pressure to create the perfect product, since more people are home watching COX TV. Draftfcb Chicago created the campaign.


advertisement wants Americans to use their vacation days and book a vacation through the travel web site. I’d like to think people are taking time off but having more staycations than big holidays, given the economic climate. Still, it never hurts to scour travel sites for killer deals -- and the brand’s battle cry in “Vacation Declaration” features happy vacationers vowing to happily use all of their vacation days. One man unashamedly says: “We will wear sarongs and look so right.” An older woman vows to “turn the pool boy into a pool man.” See the ad here, created by BBDO New York.


WeatherChanThe Weather Channel launched a TV ad of biblical proportions to promote its personalized weather forecasts. Users who visit via Facebook, or those who enter their name and Zip code on the site, will see the conventional Weather Channel logo change to a more personalized logo, like “Amy’s Weather.” Users can create five different tabs for regular weather updates, such as work, home, vacation destination, etc. The TV ad tells the story of God speaking to Noah, giving him a customized weather forecast and advice on building an ark. “What’s an ark?” asks Noah. “Behold the miracle of personalized weather,” closes the ad, seen here, and created by BBH New York.


TetleyTeaA husband comes home from work to find out that his wife is leaving him because she needs some “me” time to drink and enjoy her Tetley tea. How long does she need? Maybe five minutes. Those five minutes are enough for the husband to cry, watch old wedding videos and look longingly at her side of the bed. See it here. The wife joins a support group in the next ad, seen here. She has left her hubby for an herbal tea, in a time span of three minutes. “We’re back together now,” claps the husband. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne created the campaign, produced by Furlined.


ClipperTeaClipper Tea is so tasty that mugs do a Conga dance as they wait to be filled with it. This TV spot highlights the brand’s Fairtrade and organic range of tea, coffee and drinking chocolate. The 20-second ad launched April 27 and runs for a month. See the ad here, created by WARL and directed by Daniel Cohen of Aardman Commercials. The Media Shop handled the media buy.


RowseHoneyWhen the young boy in a TV spot for Rowse Honey tells his mother his day was busy, he’s not exaggerating. The boy starts his day with some honey in his oatmeal. The energy-packed breakfast gets him through soccer at recess, creating hats in science class and decorating cupcakes in cooking class. Watch “Busy Bee” here, created by The Independence Orchestra and directed by Lucy Blakstad of Home.corp.


McDsThis spot proves that banana bread is heavy. (Next topic to tackle: why is it when you cut yourself a piece of banana bread and try to rewrap it, you never have enough foil?) McDonald's has added banana bread to its new line of bakery goods. An outdoor ad, created by Arnold Worldwide, depicts a slice of bread being cut from both the loaf and the billboard itself. The sliced side of billboard appeared to be falling down. See it here.


JagermeisterOn May 3, Jägermeister launched its first TV spot in the United States, targeting men 21-29 years old. “Stronger Bond” stars seven successful men seated around a prestigious table where one needs to earn his seat. Keyshawn Johnson, Kerry King, Freddie Roach, Mike Lingerfelt, Mister Cartoon and Nathan Fletcher are current members welcoming in a new inductee: bullfighter Rob Smets.  The ad closes with the group taking a shot of Jager. See the ad here, created by Mistress. Crossmedia handled the media buy.

RealSimpleAppRandom iPhone App of the week: Mother’s Day is Sunday, so Real Simplecreated a themed app full of 50 gift ideas for mom, most under $50. March of Dimes is the launch partner of the app, and consumers can round up the cost of their in-app purchase to benefit the charity. The app also features a “donate here” button, so users can donate any amount directly to the nonprofit. The app is free and available in the App Store. Next month, the app will feature gifts for Father’s Day and graduates.

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