Out to Launch

TerminixTerminix launched a trio of TV spots that once again illustrate the enormous destruction tiny bugs can create. “Egg” shows how a minor problem can turn into something costly and damaging as termite eggs hatch below a home to birth wood-eating monsters, a la "X Files." Watch it here. In “Hallway,” a larger than life termite rips through a hallway of a house using oversized saws for pincers. See it here. The final spot was the grossest to watch. In it, cockroaches emerge through a bathroom sink, only to crawl across soap and toothbrushes. See it herePublicis Dallas created the campaign, directed by Dvein of Blacklist.



FixAtFourBest Friends Animal Society, a shelter for abused and abandoned animals, launched a TV, print and online campaign to educate animal owners on spaying and neutering their pets before the age of four months. Two TV spots serve as the centerpiece of the “Fix at Four” campaign. Each ad amusingly replaces puppies and kittens with hormonal teens. Two teens are about to kiss as Paula Cole’s song “I Don’t Want to Wait” plays in the background. Her parents catch them and the boy hightails it off the porch. “I was afraid of that,” says the stern father. Turns out they are referring to their adorable kitten who was caught canoodling with the neighborhood dreamboat. Watch it here. In “Afternoon Stroll” a man and his daughter are unable to walk the neighborhood without being harassed by teenage boys confined to their homes or backyards. Once again, the teen boys are horny dogs looking to score with the new female puppy in the neighborhood. Somebody needs obedience school!  See it hereTM Advertising created the campaign, directed by The Chartrands of Lucky 21.

MobileMiniMobile Mini, a provider of portable storage solutions, launched a TV spot showcasing the difficulties of letting go of clutter due to sentimental value. The clutter in question is a life-sized Wayne Gretzky cardboard cutout that a husband refuses to part with. His wife has other plans for Wayne. She puts him out with the garbage, but her husband retrieves him. When the man covertly tries to sneak Wayne back into the storage unit, his wife, holding a chainsaw, confronts him. Talk about fatal attraction. The spot ends with Wayne’s head being held up by a piece of tape.  Watch the ad here, created by Venables Bell & Partners.

CanadianBeefBaconDoes bacon really have this kind of hold on people? The Canadian Beef Bacon Company is launching kosher bacon and traveled to Israel to ask people what they would hypothetically give up for bacon. Answers ranged from cigarettes, candy, shoes, dried prunes, a goat, a wife and the Dead Sea. Watch the ad here, created by Red Lion and directed by Jon & Torey of FamilyStyle.


SirRichardsSir Richard’s condoms celebrated National Women's Health Week last week by asking women to share rules about what -- or more to the point who -- they won’t put in their vaginas. In addition to the “Vagina Rules” video on the company’s Web site, wild postings were placed in New York City. Professions least likely to score include pastry chefs, investment bankers, mixologists, bouncers or just the random bartender at your local watering hole. The video ends with Sir Richard’s encouraging women to keep chemicals out of their vagina. Not coincidentally, Sir Richard’s condoms are free of spermicide, parabens and glycerin. See the video here, created by TDA_Boulder.

IHOPIHOP launched a branding TV spot that is basically 30 seconds of ways to make your stomach rumble and your cardiologist happy. So many delicious items, from  pancakes, French toast and omelets, to hash browns, sausage and steamy coffee. Who doesn’t love a little breakfast for dinner? The ad also promotes one of IHOP’s Twitter promotions that encouraging fans to Tweet what they love about breakfast using the hashtag #BreakfastLove. Winners receive IHOP gift cards. See it here, created by McCann Erickson NY.

HyundaiHyundai launched a Pan European TV campaign for its i20 vehicle. The spot promotes the i20’s sensory features that senses when you want to get into your car, what’s behind you when backing up, along with different environmental elements, like rain or darkness. The car is available for sale in the U.K. Watch the ad here, created by Innocean Worldwide and directed by Kim Jacobs of HOME.corp.


KingsdayThis explains why I had trouble reaching a Holland-based agency a few weeks ago. April 30 is Queensday in Holland, celebrating the birthday of Queen Beatrix. Ten-month-old agency Kingsday celebrated Queen Beatrix's birthday with a twist -- hanging a portrait of her outside the agency. Only problem is she’s sporting a moustache and beard in the poster, making it more of a Kingsday in the agency’s eyes.  See the poster here.


LeeClowsBeardRandom iPhone App of the week: Dallas-based copywriter Jason Fox is the man behind the Twitter handle @leeclowsbeard, which showcases Lee Clow’s work in 140-characters or less. Now, that Twitter feed has become a book and app titled leeclowsbeard that compiles inspirational quotes from Clow’s beard. Let There Be Dragons created the app, available for free in the App Store.

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