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Cape Cod ChipsA flock of seagulls singing A Flock of Seagulls song? This is almost as entertaining as the ESPN SportsCenter ad where Arnold Palmer fixed himself an arnold palmer. Almost. Cape Cod Potato Chips launched its first-ever TV campaign for its kettle-cooked chips. A man sits on a beach, eating Cape Cod Chips. Making his mood better is watching a flock of seagulls fly above the ocean. The peaceful fantasy goes over the top with the idea of a flock of seagulls singing “I Ran” from the popular one-hit wonder band of the ‘80s. In reality, those seagulls would be flocking the man and gunning for his bag of chips. Seagulls are a persistent bunch. Watch it here. Fans can flock to Cape Cod’s Facebook page for a chance to win a year’s supply of Cape Cod Chips or concert t-shirts and posters from the flock of seagulls in the spot. GKV created the campaign and handled the media buy.



Cumberland FarmsHere comes another beach ad -- this one includes David Hasselhoff. The Hoff is promoting Cumberland FarmsFarmhouse Blend iced coffee, which costs 99 cents for any size. A couple walking the beach, drinking iced coffee, stumble upon a sand sculpture of a grand piano, crafted by none other than Hasselhoff. The Hoff drinks the man’s coffee, declares it “Hofftastic” and invites the girlfriend to “bang out a tune” on the sand piano. See it here, created by Full Contact.


SamsungDavid Beckham doesn’t even break a sweat in a video for the Samsung Galaxy Note that promotes the brand’s partnership with the Olympics. "Beckham Plays Beethoven" by kicking, kneeing and heading soccer balls at drums, each tuned to a different tone. The end result is unique rendition of “Ode to Joy.” Beckham then posts a picture and written comment about the experience to his Facebook page, using his Samsung GALAXY Note, natch. See it here, created by Cheil USA.

TrueBloodHBO launched a pair of TV spots promoting the release of True Blood Season 4 on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download. Ads focus on the moment that Sookie and Eric come together. I’m a newbie to the series and just started watching season 1. So far, so good. In one spot, a wife plays the role of Sookie, while her husband plays Eric. His emotions and mannerisms are off, more from Season 3. She wants her husband to be sweet, polite, sexual and ticklish. He tries again, with fangs in, but looks more like a goofy beast than anything else. Watch it here. The next ad spoofs a home shopping channel, where the host sells season 4 on DVD plus a jar of Bon Temps moonlight. See it here. BBDO New York created the campaign.

BritAirwaysBritish Airways launched a national print, online and TV campaign dubbed “Height Cuisine,” using food images to demonstrate the brand’s dedication to serving great food while flying. In one ad, loaves of bread take the shape of fluffy clouds to illustrate that even at 30,000 feet, the bread remains light and airy. Watch it here. In another ad, viewers learn that British Airways tests its in-flight cheese offerings as meticulously as the company tests its engines. Knowing that, will someone please pass me the wine? See it here. BBH New York created the campaign.

VWWhat if the most iconic lines in movie history were unscripted? That’s the notion of Volkswagen’s “See Film Differently” campaign, running in 196 independent movie theatres in the U.K. Each spot opens with the line: “Some of the most famous moments in cinema were never scripted” and creates amusing back stories for some of the most memorable lines in movie history. One ad hypothetically shows the origin of Robert DeNiro’s famous “Are you talking to me?” line from “Taxi Driver” See it here. That line, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” from Jaws? It was uttered by a crotchety old man, unamused that his seaside town was inhabited by filmmakers. A production assistant tells the man to quiet down since Mr. Scheider is sleeping, but in actuality, Scheider overheard that now-infamous line and runs with it. Watch it here. My favorite ad pays homage to “Silence of the Lambs” and Hannibal Lecter’s scary sucking noise. A woman working on the film thinks Anthony Hopkins has the hots for her, since he has tea with her every day. He’s just perfecting the creepy sucking noise she makes when sipping her tea. See it here. DDB London created the campaign, directed by Ivan Zacharias of Stink.

MakersMarkThere’s a new political party joining the fray… the cocktail party. That is, if Maker’s Mark has anything to say about it. Who better to star in this campaign than James Carville and Mary Matalin? The pair rambles off various political parties in existence until they finally come to an agreement on one: the cocktail party. See it here. Random trivia: the spot was filmed at Arnaud’s restaurant in New Orleans. Doe Anderson created the campaign, directed by Jeff Bednarz of Directorz.

TreeTopTree Top apple juice launched its first TV commercial in more than 30 years. The ad shows everyday yet wondrous moments in children’s lives, like holding a frog, playing dress-up with adult clothes, and listening to a conch shell. Viewers have no idea the ad is for apple juice until the closing credits. “Live with a sense of wonder” closes the ad, seen here and created by Cole & Weber.



Random iPhone App of the week: FOOD & WINE launched an app that features 350 cocktail recipes from the past three editions of its FOOD & WINE Cocktails book, along with 50 Belvedere Vodka recipes. Cocktails can be searched by spirit, style of recipe (classic, updated, creative) and serving size. In addition, the app offers weekly cocktail recommendations, a list of America’s best bars and recipes for bar snacks. The maple-glazed peanuts with bacon are speaking to me. The app is available for free in the App Store.

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