Online Video Grabs More Ad Dollars, Marketers Favor Mobile Platforms

By any measure, video is commanding an ever-greater share of online ad dollars. eMarketer, for one, expects video ad spending to increase by 40%, this year, to reach $3.1 billion.

But, how are marketing execs allocating all that money?

A clear majority, 64%, said they plan to include smartphones in their spend, while more than 50% said they are likely to include tablets, according to new research from BrightRoll. A smaller share, 30%, said they are likely to include connected TV.

While BrightRoll's 2011 survey revealed that video had become a staple of online ad buys, this year’s survey shows that advertisers are embracing the viability of a new digital video viewerscape across four unique screens: computers, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

The findings, according to BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacerdoti, also indicated that budget allocations may be based on the “maturity curve” -- or how long video has been available on each screen, instead of analyzing what medium is most effective in achieving campaign goals.



Overall, the report indicated that 30% of respondents expect online video to have the largest increase in media spending this year.

On the growth front, 70% of respondents said that clearer ROI and better success metrics are still needed to increase digital video ad spending.

Showing just how far the medium has come, however, 64% of advertisers said that online video is an equally or more effective medium than TV. Respondents overwhelmingly selected targeting -- 43% -- as what their clients deem the most valuable aspect of online video, followed by reach: 28%.

More than half of respondents said they are more inclined to buy online video inventory from a network or exchange than anywhere else -- that's a 20% increase from last year’s survey. Also of note, behavioral targeting remains valuable to advertisers with 64% of respondents indicating their online video ads will be behaviorally targeted in 2012 -- a 14% increase from 2011.

However, only 5% of respondents said GRP is the most important success metric, while 18% said they are most interested in seeing additional research on GRP measurement for online video buying.

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  1. Mike Dawson from Solly Labs, June 8, 2012 at 5:09 p.m.

    That GRP stat doesn't bode well for traditional media, does it? Print media managing editor hearts will be breaking. The onus has always been on circulation as their means to get $$ - While the going is good in video we had better look after our customers folks, with success comes complacency . Mike

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