Turn Uses Ad In 'Mad Men' To Study Integrated Media

Mad-Men-AA5Turn, the Redwood City, Calif. advertising tech firm, made news with word that it has purchased a spot created by agency Gyro in the June 10 season finale of AMC’s "Mad Men." Now the firm says it will create a case study based on its  experience to highlight best approaches to integrated media campaigns.

The case study will be released later this summer.

In addition to the "Mad Men" finale, the Turn spot will air five times in repeats of the program, as well in the finale of the AMC reality show "The Pitch" and two more times in repeats.

The ad will also air online both in video and display formats. Turn has created a hashtag, #Turndecisions, to encourage a dialogue about “split-second” decisions that people have made in their careers and to track social commentary about its campaign.



High on Turn’s priority list is tracking how viewers interact with the online and offline portions of the campaign, said Paul Alfieri, vice president for marketing of Turn.

“We will measure everything,” said Alfieri, including how many who see the ad in finales are persuaded by its call to action to go online to view alternative endings of the ad and acquire additional information about the company’s advertising and marketing services.

The firm will also compare differences in call-to-action responses to the ad in original versus repeat episodes, as well as to online video spots. Also to be explored is how the social conversation peaks and dips during the campaign.

Turn has a data management platform designed to help advertisers optimize integrated ad campaigns. “Brand advertisers are constantly asking us to help them bridge the gap between what they do in the offline world and what they do and measure online,” said Alfieri.

“You really have to think of 'Mad Men' as a brand and not just a 60-minute piece of content airing on a network,” Alfieri said. One of the reasons he selected the show is its “great social audience,” particularly of industry insiders, “that meets online and carries the show’s narrative through the week.” Part of the challenge is “how do I place my company inside that conversation?

“The question becomes less about who you’re going to reach where and more about what is going to be the next impact you use to reach these audiences in the offline and online venues," he adds. Offline, the focus is on engaging creative and call to action, he said. Online is more about education, direct-response and a sales call.

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