SOUL Aims For Something Great

Soul-Electronics-B2Many people may be satisfied with headphones that are merely good. But SOUL Electronics, maker of high-end headphones, is banking on many audiophiles and others wanting something great. 

In a new marketing campaign called “SOUL of Greatness,” the company will showcase the stories of leaders in various categories of achievement, most notably athletics and music. In different installments, the campaign will showcase how these leaders turn to music for motivation, use it to block out noise and distraction and get them “in the zone” to accomplish their goals.

“People of all ages and interests use music as a motivator to focus and achieve their goals -- whether large or small. That goal could be running on the treadmill, working on schoolwork or training for the Olympics -- this messaging is meant to inspire anyone,” Sarah Westbrook, director of marketing for SOUL Electronics, tells Marketing Daily. “There is such a prevalent demand for high-definition visuals, but consumers should demand this quality in their audio products as well.”



The first element of the campaign is a 30-second video featuring Jamaican track and field superstar Usain Bolt. The video shows Bolt walking onto a track in preparation for training, with a pair of SOUL headphones around his neck. As he prepares to run, the scene cuts to a young boy running through the streets of Jamaica and Bolt interacting with other children.

“Every soul has a story,” says SOUL branding partner (and actor and rapper) Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. “Filled with history and memories. With dreams.  Does greatness have a soul? Oh, hell, yes.” The spot concludes with Bolt taking off from the starting blocks and the line, “The official sponsor of greatness.”

“[Bolt] is a music lover, and like many, he values a great-sounding listening experience to help him get in the zone and focus,” Westbrook says. “This makes Bolt a perfect partner for SOUL and the SOUL of Greatness series, and also makes him relatable to a wide audience.”

The video will be aired on media partners such as ESPN, Maxim, Complex and Clear Channel Media + Entertainment Los Angeles (which also has an exclusive branding partnership for a SOUL by Ludacris Headphone performance studio through Clear Channel Radio). Other marketing initiatives include social media, public relations and events. 

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